PC Support Services Annual Maintenance Agreement
We've got your back with an Annual Maintenance Agreement Reduce overall maintenance and repair costs while keeping your equipment optimized and protected.

Let PDQ Technical Canada take care of your routine maintenance for you. Computers are a fundamental part of your business and home (just like your phones, vehicles and other tools you use). Computers break down. Computers require routine maintenance to continue to function properly. We can save you the hassle and frustration of losing valuable time, expensive equipment, or (worse yet) critical data.

What's included in an Annual Maintenance Agreement?

All Routine Maintenance: Our standard maintenance contract includes the following services;

  • We will contact you once every 30, 60 or 90 days (on a pre-arranged schedule) to set a maintenance appointment. No need for you to remember when to do it.
  • While there, we will clean up your computer(s), removing any spyware, adware, malware, viruses, and general computer "clutter" that accumulates over time and slows down your system's performance.
  • Since dust accumulates inside your system (preventing critical components from cooling properly), we physically clean your system as well. 
  • We will update all operating system and program files, and optimize your system for best possible performance. 
  • We will back up your specific files and data per a pre-arranged agreement.

Free Phone Support: Call us anytime you have a question, concern, or problem regarding your computer or its operation.  Most times we can walk you through a process or answer your questions with a quick telephone conversation.  

Front-of-the-Line Priority: If there are repair issues that can't be handled over the phone, you'll receive priority (over non-agreement customers) in scheduling a service call.
Reduced Labour Rate: (15% off labour rate prices)

All routine maintenance work is included in your maintenance agreement.  Any additional work we do for you will be at 15% less our normal applicable rate.  This rate is viable for repairs, new system construction, training, or any projects that you might need help with. Emergency (same day, after hours and holidays rates) service not included.

How Much Does an Annual Maintenance Agreement Cost? Contact us to schedule an appointment for a customized quote for your particular needs.
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