PC Support Services & Repair Rates

We offer to diagnose your system when we come to your home or office.  Best of all, we offer an on-site, remote or repair support service for your convenience!

This investment is what you would expect to compensate a professional technician with years of experience and with the ability to give a great deal of value in return; they are the best value you will find in PC remote, on-site service and repair in Southern Ontario.  Why?  Because we do the job right the first time, every time.  And we do it with the utmost integrity and concern for you. We are masters at what we do, we are not cheap or in-expensive. Experience and skill does not come cheap. Our service is offered for the person or organization who wants first rate professional service and understands in the benefits of investing in professional-level fees.

At 'PDQ' Technical Canada,  we're confident you'll be fully satisfied with your service or repair, because your satisfaction is our guarantee! Why trust your valuable computer equipment and your critical data to amateurs or "fly by night" computer repairmen? 
Trust the best:  'PDQ' Technical Canada! 

OS Install/Reinstall Service:  Install or reinstall your Microsoft Windows XP (All Editions), Windows Vista & Windows 7 (All Editions) Operating System: Rate includes a "clean" install of Windows and all of the latest updated drivers for your computer.  (Available for On-Site Support Service only)

Estimated time: 6-10 Hours (clean install), 3-6 hours (clean system restore) Hourly Rate $120, plus mileage**

Please note:  Price does NOT include data backup/recovery or a copy of Microsoft Windows.  You must supply your own copy or your original manufacturer's restore disks/partition.  If you do not have a copy of Microsoft Windows, you may buy an installation from us at a reduced price.  You must have your data backed up to a CD, DVD, Flash Drive or External/Secondary Hard Drive.  Data backup service available.
Device Install/Reinstall Service: Install or reinstall a device or driver and/or software relating to or used by a device by your computer. (On-Site Support Service may only be available to perform action) This service is intended to install a new device CD, DVD, Printer, Scanner, Camera, etc. This is also intended for the installation of a device's existing or updated driver and related operating software.
Estimated time: Minimum 1 hour, Hourly Rate $110, plus mileage**
Wireless and Networking: Install or reinstall a device to a network devices in addition to the router. This includes any of the following device types: computer (desktop or laptop), router, wireless access point, print server, range extender, or other wireless device.  Does not include Palm Pilots, Smartphones, or Windows Mobile/PocketPCs.*
Estimated time: Minimum 2 hour, Hourly Rate $110, plus mileage**
* Palm or Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Devices subject to an additional $65 per device.
On-Site Support Service: Install or reinstall a device driver or software for your computer. Removal of Viruses/Malware. Computer cleaning and optimization.
Estimated time: Minimum 2 hours, Hourly Rate $110, plus mileage**
Remote Support Service: Install or reinstall a device driver or software for your computer. Removal of Viruses/Malware. Computer cleaning and optimization.
Estimated time: Minimum 2 hours, Hourly Rate $100**
Please note: This service is subject to the client's network connection for speed and reliability. If the connection is deemed to slow or unreliable by 'PDQ' Technical Canada during the service call then a minimum charge of one hour is applied and an On-Site Support Service is scheduled to complete the task.
Payment: 'PDQ' Technical Canada's service charge is payable using Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, Amex), bank account, cashier's check or money order through postal mail. Whichever method the client chooses to use, work will not begin until the agreed upon minimum payment (deposit) is received.

Additional Charges: Any additional expenses (airfare, mileage, vehicle rentals, accommodations, all meals, etc...) incurred by 'PDQ' Technical Canada for a project will be billed to the client and the balance must be paid in full before the day of commencement of work.


**All Emergency Services are subject to a $45 per hour premium
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice, please contact us for current rates.
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