Computer Repair Support Services Details
Hands-On Consulting, PC Support Services is here to assist and provide support with ALL your computer related problems, activities, and hardware/software related issues. We can also provide remote field services for clients located in other geographical locations, providing the "personal touch" and immediate response service that makes the difference; even for the simplest tasks. Talk to us about being your local support!
Our Hands-On Consulting provides computer support services for a wide range of hardware & software computer activities, whether you require software upgrades for your organization, or virus removal for your home computer. We are located in beautiful Richmond Hill (Toronto), ON, and providing support to many throughout Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, Niagara, Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, London, Barrie, Peterborough, Lindsay and Trenton.
Don't unplug it and take it somewhere (they charge you more anyway). We come to your home or office, diagnose and repair the problem, optimize your system and show you what we did. No bother, no mess, no surprises, no carrying.
Our goal in offering Hands-On Consulting is to provide needed services in one of today's most active and exciting fields and to present those services with a high level of professionalism, excellence, honesty, friendliness and dependability! We provide personable computer support services to all your computer support needs.
How many times have you tried calling someone to explain a problem you are having with your computer but are unable properly describe the issue. You are asked to bring to a shop and are afraid of disconnecting everything, you would rather have the technician work on your PC where it sits. The idea of setting up a mutual time where both parties are available becomes more stressful and you need it fixed or at the very least looked at ASAP! With your permission and in your total control, we can work on your PC remotely. We can virtually start diagnosing the issue and solving your problems for you, all within the amount of time it would take to crawl under the desk, remove the connection (after labeling), hauling it to the car and driving it to the local shop, waiting to be served and then finally having a technician say, "leave it with me...".
Network Installations, Security & Maintenance: NIC card Installations, Ethernet Cabling Installation, Hubs, Routers, Bridges, Firewalls, etc. Associated Software Setup & Configurations.
Hardware Support/Upgrades: RAM, Hard Drives, CD/DVD Drives, Motherboards, Modems, Sound Cards, Video Cards, USB, Firewall, Printers, Digital Cameras, Scanners & assisting in the configuration of made-to-specifications Personal Computer Systems.
Software Support/Upgrades: Operating Systems: MSDOS, Windows 3.1, Windows95, Windows98, WindowsME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (Home & Professional), Windows Vista, etc .
Applications: MSExchange, Word Processing, Graphics, Spreadsheets, Data Bases and more!
Hardware Trouble-Shooting & Repairs: Drives (Hard drive, CDR, CDRW, DVD, USB, zip, floppy, tape), boot failures, power failures, Motherboards and more!
Software Trouble-Shooting & Repairs: System failure troubleshooting, virus & spyware removal, boot problems/failure analysis, unexpected locking problems analysis, hardware failure analysis, general troubleshooting & analysis.
Applications Training: Training for individuals or small groups in: Internet & Email Operations, Windows, MSWord, MSExcel, MSAccess and MSPowerPoint and others. Don't get mad, get trained! We can show you how to do what you want to do. Only faster and easier. Private tutoring or small groups. Training is customized to your needs, level, and speed.
Search Engine Optimization & Website Development: A website is a powerful marketing and sales vehicle.  Sound website design and development can promote your products and services to large audiences of new prospects, bring in leads, qualify and sort them, attract only the most targeted prospects, set up a selling dialogue between you and your most interested customers, complete the sale, and even manage customer relationships. 
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