Office Support Services Terms & Conditions

The scope of work for PDQ Technical Canada includes most commonly any projects that do not require any permits.

Service Fees: The minimum charge for this type of work is two (2) hours beginning upon our staff's arrival, through the time required to complete the tasks requested by the client. An estimated time frame is identified prior to the onset of work for the client's approval, this includes all materials on site (all materials required are the client's sole responsibility, unless otherwise agreed upon).

On larger repairs and small renovations, we will be glad to provide a price for the completed job with PDQ Technical Canada providing materials or providing installation of client provided materials. The fee set is a "firm dollar" price for the proposed project and is collected in full at the completion of the project. Any remodeling and renovation projects that go beyond seven calendar days or that require large material purchases will require a full payment of those materials as per the project requirements.

Payment: PDQ Technical Canada's fee is payable using Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, Amex), bank account or the client can send a cashier's check or money order through postal mail. Whichever method the client chooses to use, work on the project will not begin until the agreed upon payment (deposit) is received.

Payment Terms: PDQ Technical Canada's fee is payable for 50% of the signed project value (including applicable taxes) in advance, with 25% of the balance due halfway through the  project and the remainder due upon completion and before final delivery. The client can cancel the project at anytime and agrees to forfeit all funds already submitted. There is a $45.00 service charge (fee) on any and all returned checks, for any reason, no exceptions.
Additional Charges: Any additional expenses (airfare, mileage, vehicle rentals, accommodations, all meals, etc...) incurred by PDQ Technical Canada for a project will be billed to the client and the balance must be paid in full before the final delivery.

Guarantee: PDQ Technical Canada stands behind all materials and labor on completed projects for one-year from date of completed work. On projects where the client purchases and/or provides the materials themselves, the warranty is as expressed by the supplier or manufacturer where the material was purchased. PDQ Technical Canada provides no warranty on labor to remove defective parts, equipment or installation of replacement parts or equipment on client provided materials.

Unknown Conditions: Occasionally, in the course of completing a project, unknown conditions will be encountered when a surface is opened up or removed. On these occasions work will be stopped to address options and solutions with the client prior to completing additional work outside the scope of the originally proposed plan. All work must be approved by the client prior to completion.

Material Pick-Up: Regardless of work completed by the hour or by the job, 'PDQ' Technical Canada is available to pick up materials required for the proposed work. The time for picking up materials is charged per hour.

Removal of Debris or Equipment: It is our intent to leave a work site neat and clean after the completion of the proposed work. We will always review the cost of debris or equipment removal with the client to allow them the option of including the cost of this work or allowing them to address it by other means, as they deem best. Any additional products, labour or services required to remove debris or equipment including disposal charges will be subject to an additional charge.

Regular Hours: Our services appointments are available Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm EST, and at night, early mornings, or on weekends by special appointment. There may be an additional labour cost for after hours service work. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and your special needs. We will also do our best to answer emergency service calls.

Office Support Contracts: PDQ Technical Canada offers both annual and monthly office support contracts. The annual contract includes an initial survey of the office and a minimum of three (3) scheduled, four (4) hour visits per year. The support contract is to be paid in full for after the initial survey is complete and the service dates are selected. The monthly office support contract includes changing air filters, changing any required lighting, including ballast when needed, and minor adjustments. The monthly cost is related directly to the square footage of the office and is calculated during a site visit. 
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