Office Support Services Maintenance Agreement
Office Maintenance Annual & Monthly Agreements:

Office Support Contracts: 'PDQ' Technical Canada offers both annual and monthly office support contracts. We offer custom-made annual support agreements, designed with all types of business in mind. Our annual and monthly maintenance program includes every thing from maintaining your computer hardware to providing a complete support solution. After a fastidious analysis, we chalk out the package that suits our clients’ needs. Our team members are well versed and trained for tasks ranging from consultancy, configuration of hardware and software, problem solving or networking. We offer a variety of yearly computer hardware service contract packages designed to meet the clients’ requirements no matter how large or small the organization is. All major types of server, computer, laptop, scanner ,printer etc are covered. We offer a huge variety of trouble shooting and maintenance services customizable to customer convenience and at the highest end, maintaining a near 24/7 uptime on our supplied hardware and also third party supplied hardware and networking products. Our clients have always appreciated our diligent efforts and sincerity in maintaining our products and decreasing the down time considerably.

Annual Contract: The annual contract includes an initial survey of the office and a minimum of three (3) scheduled, four (4) hour visits per year. The support services contract is to be paid in full for after the initial survey is complete and the service dates are selected.

Monthly Contract: The monthly office support contract includes changing air filters, changing any required lighting, including ballast when needed, and minor adjustments. The monthly cost is related directly to the square footage of the office and is calculated at $0.65/sq/ft, during a site visit. 

Additional Charges: Any additional expenses (airfare, mileage, vehicle rentals, accommodations, all meals, etc...) incurred by 'PDQ' Technical Canada for a project will be billed to the client and the balance must be paid in full before the day of commencement of work.
Regular Hours: Our services appointments are available Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm EST, and at night, early mornings, or on weekends by special appointment. There may be an additional labour cost for after hours service work. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and your special needs. We will also do our best to answer emergency service calls.
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