Technical Writing & Documentation Support Services

"In short, your document however informative is useless unless it is understood by its intended reader"


Technical Writing, Illustration and Document Design Services: PDQ Technical Writings are designed for small and medium-sized businesses in your industry. It is the perfect complement to any company with a small, part-time, or no writing staff. When your documentation is not fully understood, neither is reason as to referencing it. Is your company trying to improve its product’s market position? Paying attention to your customer support materials may be the most important thing that you can do at the moment. Your manuals, setup instructions, operating guides and other technical documentation can play an important part in the process of gaining new customers as well as in keeping your existing ones.


Consulting: One can easily assume that the team that developed the product can also write about it. How difficult can it be to explain the basic fundamentals of the product or service to the end-user?! And transfer that same knowledge on paper so that the audience (reader) can easily understand the message. Now ALL your staff can put their focus back on designing, developing and selling your products and services!


Copy Writing and Editing: Writing as a whole or more specifically, technical writing, is not a simple function. It requires and calls for a complex combination of skills and level of understanding. Quite simply it depends on the nature of the body of work and the level of experience of reader for which it was intended for. Generally with product documentation, manuals, user guides and help notes. They are often written for beginners and the assumption that they have the lowest level of technical expertise. The harmonious combination of our communication skills with the developer's in-depth knowledge of the subject matter has the winning formula to produce documentation that is easy to understand by the intended reader.


Illustration and Graphic Design: We are bombarded by attention grabbing mediums everywhere we turn. Your company's promotional or marketing materials, to have any valid use, must have the ability to grab your client’s interest and then long enough to deliver and process your company's message. To get noticed before your competitor does, presents an interesting challenge, particularly because your company may only have a split second worth of opportunity to capture your reader’s attention and curiosity.
Image Manipulation: For better graphical representation or visual effects will utilize a variety of images and photographs in many ways
within the documentation process. These are used to illustrate a document, provide the basis for line drawings or they may simply provide a visual record of the product as a reference. Photographs can also be processed to provide textures, backgrounds or samples, which can be used as part of other graphical elements.
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