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Copy Writing and Editing
The integral component of any document is the text that is contained within the literature. The text carries the bulk of the information and the proper use of graphics in its overall style can have a considerable effect on the reader’s ability to understand and retain this information. Without question we could ascertain that the fluidity of the text is often the single most important component in any piece of writing, and its quality can have a major effect on the ability of the publication to perform its intended task.


Writing as a whole or more specifically, technical writing, is not a simple function. It requires and calls for a complex combination of skills and level of understanding. This writing is to achieve a particular aim or goal and to be effective, 'PDQ's staff must think carefully about the aim of the article or source. Who it’s intended audience or reader will be and the circumstances in which it will be read. Its overall purpose or intention, above all else, is to communicate clearly and without bias by removing personal preferences and personality. 'PDQ's staff have the ability to project themselves into the role of expert on the subject matter on behalf of the developer in such a way that will not be revealed to the audience.


How Technical Is Technical?


A question that often arises is: "How much technical knowledge is needed in order to write a technical document?..."


Quite simply it depends on the nature of the body of work and the level of experience of reader for which it was intended for. Generally with product documentation, manuals, user guides and help notes, they are often written for beginners and the assumption that they have the lowest level of technical expertise.

Under the majority of circumstances, the use of 'PDQ's writing service can be at a considerable advantage when little or no prior knowledge of the subject is present. As one becomes very familiar with a subject, it can oftentimes be very difficult to see where others may be encountering problems. This is where 'PDQ's experience in technical writing when using a “newcomer” can often see where the difficulties lie and can help developers to decide which concepts need special emphasis and clarification. At the other end of the spectrum, the body of work could be intended for an expert in the subject matter. More experienced or knowledgeable individuals need to be communicated to in such a manner where they feel that it is being presented by a peer. In these circumstances, there is an obvious and distinct advantage in making use of the services offered by 'PDQ's technical writing service. We have sufficient technical knowledge to be able to understand the subject matter, in combination with the ability to communicate with the audience it was intended for. Any gaps in knowledge are filled by an expert in the subject matter (Developer), who is always prepared to work closely with our staff during the production process to ensure accuracy and validity. The harmonious combination of our communication skills with the developer's in-depth knowledge of the subject matter has the winning formula to produce documentation that is easy to understand by the intended reader.

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