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Illustration and Graphic Design


We are bombarded by attention grabbing mediums everywhere we turn. Your company's promotional or marketing materials, to have any valid use, must have the ability to grab your client’s interest and then long enough to deliver and process your company's message. To get noticed before your competitor does, presents an interesting challenge, particularly because your company may only have a split second worth of opportunity to capture your reader’s attention and curiosity. Designers or marketers have many different ways of obtaining our attention from the virtual sea of advertisements we are constantly subjected too. One of the most effective methods is to use an eye-catching illustration or caption. This is successful because they are unusual and will stand out clearly from the other publications surrounding it. Simply the illustration or photo should be relevant and it should be a unique image that your company has exclusive use of. There is nothing more unpleasant than finding out that your competitor is using the same clip art!


Visual representation can do much more than just simply capturing ones attention; the effective use of visual imagery is one of the secrets in producing a really good piece of documentation. Properly placed collective images is normally the most effective way of conveying and simplifying any complex ideas, illustrating relationships between things, or demonstrating the sequence of operations. Images also provide visual relief from continuous blocks of text and make any document much readily accessible to the reader.


At 'PDQ', we will employ all available resources your company has to offer with regards to available artwork, technical drawings and illustrations to the appropriate documentation. We can incorporate almost anything, from complex assembly diagrams, through to simple graphical elements on pages.

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