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One can easily assume that the team that developed the product can also write about it. How difficult can it be to explain the basic fundamentals of the product or service to the end-user?! And transfer that same knowledge on paper so that the audience (reader) can easily understand the message. The role of the engineer or developer is to use their skills to create or modify a product or service. That is what they are paid to do. It’s all too common for small and medium size businesses to have someone on staff document a process or procedure: someone who tries to shuffle the tedious task into their schedule, along with their full-time responsibilities. They are required to create a piece of literature that is understandable towards its intended audience and not to other colleagues. This task does not become any easier when you may not have the passion to write, a solid grasp of the material, the language, the right resources or training to properly write a document. 'PDQ' Technical Canada  puts all your vital documentation in the hands of a trained team, every day. Now ALL your staff can put their focus back on designing, developing and selling your products and services!


As part of our consulting service, 'PDQ' provides our advice when we are providing a solution to your literary needs. 'PDQ' starts with the premise that your product documents are a critical part of your arsenal of effective marketing, informational and supportive tools. 'PDQ's initial step is to identify which documents are required to meet your business goals. Does your company have the need for user manuals, installation guides, white papers or other documents that would provide a technical overview that would be most beneficial in communicating with your clients? Sometimes the answer to this question is self-evident, but it almost always benefits from a more current revision.


The ultimate decision when choosing which types of documents are to be produced are normally guided by the technical requirements of the product, but it is also restricted by time and budget. By choosing the most effective methods of production for documentation, both time and money can be streamlined considerably. We can help you choose the right application and file formats, which can be for the most part transferred between formats and re-use the majority of the content. Making the right choices here can help your organization keep your production costs and time down, and ensure that the quality of your documentation is kept to a very high standard.


In all marketing material quality is very important, but for product literature it goes beyond achieving visual appeal or choosing expensive coated papers. The literature may need to be utilized in a variety of different ways, therefore accessing quality could be done in multiple aspects. Is the document easy to read? Is it understood by the audience it was intended for? Is it easy for the reader to navigate to the information that they require? Can the intended end-user download the file quickly?


We at 'PDQ' become a valuable asset in your development team. Our input can extend into the actual design of the product itself.  With 'PDQ's involvement in product development and by bringing an outsider’s perspective, we take on the unbiased role of user advocate and can often provide useful input right through the entire product development process.


By exercising the simple act of writing a description of an operating procedure or a sequence of assembly, it can reveal inconsistencies and problems that had not been before apparently obvious. This can be utilized as positive feedback and re-evaluated into the design process. It can greatly contribute into an improvement of product or service, a leaner manufacturing or system process, as well as a reduction in the overall need of unnecessary documentation. We can also advise your staff if you produce your own in-house documentation to streamlined formats, create templates and many others.


Here are some of the areas that we may also be able to help with:


    • Document review and evaluation – usability testing.
    • Product usability evaluation
    • The design and production of content.
    • The development of efficient production systems.
    • Staff training and coaching.  
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